About us

TIRC focuses on providing solutions and know-how for professional service robot industry. We are a full-service design, engineering and manufacturing company of integrated custom robotics solution company specializing in automation, robotics, and healthcare industry. Leading companies leverage TIRC’s expertise to solve complex engineering and manufacturing challenges and successfully bring innovative, automated solution to satisfy all aspects of your business.

We are a group of dedicated people sharing a common thinking for the future of robot development. Working toward the vision of "Better Living Using Robots" and wanting to utilize robotics to solve and reduce the impact of aging and societal changes of declining birthrate. Our mission is to provide a total solution of professional use service robots serving the vertical industry through B2B business model.

Our core members of R&D and sales all came from well-known and large ICT companies in Taiwan each with more than ten years’ experience in robotics and intelligent automation. We have in-house engineers specialize in software, firmware, hardware, mechanics, optics, and opto-mechatronics with strong technical development and integration capabilities. Our experiences have been recognized by countlessly awards including Taiwan Excellence Golden Medal, Geneva Invention Award, Information Monthly Top 100 Product Awards, Scientific and Technological Innovation Awards, International Innovation Award and many more. Financially solid, we are backing by some of Taiwan’s best known corporates include SKS Group, Compal Group/Mactech and CSTEK as major corporate shareholder.

Robotics is a fusion of technologies which involves machinery, electronics, software, firmware, mechanism, optics, opto-mechatronics...etc., that intertwine with technologies such as IoT, edge computing, cloud, AI, and big data, making it the best solution to solve complex problems.
TIRC utilizes the kinematics, control algorithms, human-machine integration and other technologies as the core competence, and extends those technologies to make robots systemize, standardize, and modularized from technical viewpoints for quick delivery of robots that solve various types of vertical industries issues and address customer’s needs and specifications.

TIRC’s three focus areas of developments are Robotics, Automation, and Healthcare, and their technical characteristics of development are as follows:


Design and Development:

Customized circuit design, automation, software development, and algorithm development, etc.


Regulatory/ Certification:

Development of product certification that comply in accordance with IEC/EN 60601, IEC/EN 61010, IEC/EN 62304, and ISO 13482


Standardized Manufacturing:

Manufacturing plants that meet ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and other quality standards requirements

Robot action editor

High precision customized robot arm

Quick assembly modular design

Simple and quick-set calibration system

Optical camera identification module

Non-fixed shape dosing feeder

Multiple power-supply system design

SLAMMOT navigation and obstacle avoidance algorithm

Autonomous charging and power management

Wireless charging base

Differentially driven mobile platform

Infrared thermal imaging camera detection

Various position sensor fusion

Magnetic array detection system

Rapid temperature control on PCR system

Automated precise liquid transferring system

Precision injection flow channel design

Liquid level detection by image processing

Anti-vibration optical mechanism design

Multi-wavelength fluorescent optical system

Precession movement control algorithm with micro-stepping motor

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