Bio Array Analyzer

tirc’s biomedical customer is currently one of only three companies in the world that can produce high-density genetic chips, headquartered in California, USA.

The company’s new-generation microarray chip has the advantages of high density and high quality. This genetic testing technology can be applied to early tumor screening, pathogen detection, preventive medicine, and health management and other testing services.

The respiratory virus detection chip can simultaneously perform sequence analysis on more than 60 viruses, including the new coronavirus, to achieve accurate detection of new coronavirus and other common respiratory pathogens; in addition, the whole genome chip can analyze nearly 1 million human disease-related genes, such as cancer, genetic diseases, metabolism or drug resistance, etc.

tirc was commissioned to design, develop and manufactured the high-throughput Bio Array Analyzer, using the conversion of multiple optical lens groups, switches various optical systems of different fluorescent wavelengths, and adds precise optical path adjustment to achieve the effect of uniform light.

With this optical system, the information can be read in the chip array, and the entire inspection can be automated through a sophisticated optical mechanism. Up to 384 specimens can be scanned and analyzed at a time. The image of each set of chips is obtained through precise micro control, can accurately focus, obtain high-definition images for detection and analysis.