Inspection Robot

Various types of robots, such as wheel-type robots, foot-type robots, orbital-type robots and drones. It can be used in a specific field environment and reach any designated location for inspecting, monitoring or maintenance operations.


All-terrain Quadruped Inspection Robot

Outdoor Inspection Robot

Indoor Orbital Inspection Robot

Hindrance Cleaning


Inspection robots are suitable for fields with dense equipment, such as substations, chemical plants, semiconductor factories, data centers, and so on. Use a variety of different sensors to survey the designated instrument. Ex. Use a thermal imaging camera to detect power generation, batteries, motors and other equipment to see if there is a crisis of overheating of the critical infrastructure or equipment. The gas detector is used in semiconductor factories and chemical plants to detect whether toxic substances leak accidents. Use a high-magnification camera to interpret various digital and analog meters, and to use the acoustic collection equipment to determine whether the instrument is abnormal. Or use high-payload drones to clean high-altitude insulators and so on.


tirc has been involved in various types of robots, using positioning and navigation technologies such as 3D SLAM and landmark. It can quickly integrate robots suitable for various field inspections and combine with suitable sensing equipment to achieve the purpose of inspection and maintenance.

Meter Readout

Abnormal State Detection

All-terrain Quadruped Inspection Robot

Environmental Monitoring


With the conducting inspection robots, the configuration of related inspection personnel can be reduced, and the frequency of inspections can be increased, especially in some dangerous areas that are not easy for inspection personnel to enter. The benefits of using robots can save manpower and improve work safety.