Amazon CTO was interviewed by CBS News in January 2020, stating that in the past few years, the company has successfully solved the manpower problem of picking and the efficiency of the delivery side through AGV combined with big data. However, there is currently no suitable automation or robotic solution for packing and packaging after picking, which can effectively solve the dilemma of using a lot of manpower, indicating that there is no countermeasure in a short period of time.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, consumption patterns have changed, which has contributed to the explosive growth of e-commerce. Large-scale e-commerce companies rely heavily on manual operations in the past, have moved towards the development of unmanned warehouses due to conduct Robotic Automation technologies.

Picking has been effectively solved using AGV/AMR in the past few years, but there is no suitable and complete solution to automate from seeding, packaging to sorting. tirc provides a complete solution of On Demand packaging for e-commerce logistics automatically corresponding to different sizes, weights, and types of boxes according to orders, including On Demand automatic box opening, Intelligent seeding, automatic packaging, post-personal printing and automatic labeling and other functions.


In order to connect the existing smart picking (such as AGV jacking racks), a complete box packaging solution developed, including:

(1) On demand box opener: It can open 12 different sizes of cartons immediately;

(2) Automatic packaging machine: can automatically complete bubble wrap placement, instant document placement, color printing on the outer box, sealing of different sizes and on demand consignment notes;

(3) Intelligent seeding rack: Provide an efficient connection between the robot arm of the picker and the system.

This solution uses an automated method to reduce the reliance on operators. It can effectively solve the problem of difficult to master orders in low and peak seasons, and difficult to manage and dispatch due to shortage of manpower. It has a highly functional collection and a single-station (Cell-based) dedicated model, which is flexible. Cooperate with the existing or future development of e-commerce in the warehouse operation mode. In addition to the most complete functions, it can also develop the added value of post stage personalized printing. It can reduce the space occupation and increase the storage space, avoid a large number of conveyor belt system layouts and increase flexibility.


This solution is suitable for e-commerce logistics and warehousing industries. The on-demand box opener machine can also be applied to small e-commerce alone to meet a small number of diverse and highly customized use scenarios. The benefits of conducting this solution include simplifying packaging operations, reducing the time for pickers to think about, looking for goods, picking errors, and personnel training time. In addition, it can improve the efficiency of shipping and distribution logistics, reduce operation processing costs.