TIRC is a robotics system integrator and turnkey custom machinery manufacturer/solution provider. We support companies to develop, launch and bring to market innovative new products and technologies. Our experts provide value-added engineering, concept design services, rapid prototyping, manufacturing and supply chain strategies for customers. Our goal is to support innovators and help them realize their full market potential and shaping a better living using robots.



Product Development / Concept to Prototyping

We make product that works and within budget!

  • Robot Conceptual Design

  • Spec. Development

  • Technology Analysis

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Complex 3D Surfacing

  • ID design to Mock up

  • Project Control

  • Design Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • EE Engineering

  • Design Review and Design Audits

  • Design Testing and Validation

  • Design for Manufacturing



We pride ourselves to deliver on time.

  • Component Research

  • Design and implement

  • Function test, Performance test, 

  • Reliability test, Environment test

  • Product Regulator

  • Tool Build

  • Review of First Article Parts from Tools

  • Test Fixtures and Gauges

  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) Analysis

  • Process Design

  • Quality Control

  • EVT/DVT/PVT Build/Review

  • Assembly Fixtures and Automation ⁻ Packaging

  • Very Well made in Taiwan

SERVICE (Taiwan only)


Doing it right the first time!

  • Installation and de-installation services

  • Service calls

  • Standard repair service

  • Exchange repair service

  • Advance exchange repair service

  • Design service manual and training - Experience FAE (technician) to diagnose and repair

  • Intelligently manage parts and material usage

  • Board level repair

  • Workforce tracking

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