Robotic Warehousing

Warehousing automation solutions were less flexible and expensive, resulting in low efficiency and prohibitive implementation in the past. tirc's Warehouse Robotics solution compose various types of Robot and AMR to develop the concept of miniature smart storage just be like stacking puzzle blocks, which can be developed and expanded in different stages, with both efficiency and flexibility.

Many companies with small and medium-sized automated ASRS requirements can determine the initial deployment of smart storage content based on the number of materials and the picking rate, and then gradually adjust and expand the benefits of investment as the business expands. This makes it possible for many small and medium sized warehouses to realize automated ASRS.


Suitable for semiconductor, electronics, automotive, component industries, small and medium-sized e-commerce, logistics, etc., or small and medium-sized warehouses that require automatic ASRS, using various types of robots and AMR and AGV to provide a complete miniature intelligent system solution. According to the customer's available space and materials' dimension, weight, material number or storage quantity and utilization rate, to tailor-plan the ASRS system that meets the needs. And to establish a system from feeding/receiving, picking, discharging, workstations, warehouse management systems, and even automatic packaging and stickers labeling, printing…and so on.


This solution is suitable for storage requirements with material numbers> 1K and a wide range of picking rates

According to the type and size of materials, design corresponding diversified storage robots for mixed use in storage

Based on the miniature warehouse system and decentralized investment, the initial burden can be reduced, and the number of hardware can be increased when expansion is needed. It can be planned according to customer needs, and keep the space for gradual expansion, reduce manpower expenditure, and increase material flow efficiency.